About us

Corredores Viales S.A. is a fully-owned companystate, whose shareholders are: the Ministry of Public Works that owns the51 % and National Highway with 49 %.

It is a Public Limited Company that has a precise objective, to manage withQuality and efficiency criteria for Road Corridors in the territorynational.

We are guided to achieve the welfare of the social group. Our way isaimed at satisfying the user, guaranteeing transparency and grantingall the Administration, precision and legal certainty.


  • Provide safe routes and reliable traffic on all sections


  • To become a model management company, using the bestPractices and experiences from both the public and private sectors.
  • To form ourselves as a comfortable company to work with, agile tomanage, competitive, socially appreciated and with social profitability oflong term.


  • Protection of the life and heritage of the users of our routes.
  • Cordiality in dealing with users and suppliers.
  • Transparency in the management of our resources.
  • Protection of the patrimony of the National State.
  • Team spirit.

Organization chart

Directorio. Noelia Laurenti: Directora. Gonzalo Atanasof: Presidente. Eduardo Márquez: Vicepresidente. Guillermo Sauro: Director Titular. Juan Pablo Bertone: Auditor Interno. Jorge Pardo: Comisión Fiscalizadora. Cecilia Carabelli: Comisión Fiscalizadora. Patricia Finvard: Comisión Fiscalizadora. Martín Valli: Gerente General. Fabián Dall'o: Gerente de Administración y finanzas. Daniel Moffa: Gerente de Innovación, planificación y control. Carlos Maknis: Gerente de obras. Hugo Torres: Gerente de coordinación legal. Mariano Casella: Gerente de accesos.

Legal and Commercial Address

Av. Pres. Roque Sáenz Peña N° 777, Piso 5, CABA, C.P. C1035AACO, Buenos Aires, Argentina


In case of not receiving an answer or disagreeing with it,You can communicate with the Road User Service CenterNational , in its capacity as Control Authority: 0800 222 6272/0800 333 0073 from Monday to Friday from09 a 18 hs or atencionalusuario@vialidad.gob.ar